goals in fr:

  • get hella treasure
  • get hella dragons
  • make my fave characters into dragons, probably

help me bc today is gonna be a homework and treasure grinding day on FR so i can buy onyx roundhorns and a pearly jewelry set x2 for some of my fave dragons

check youtube :o if you feel like watching it there it should be available…

THANK U.. how it’s made is such a calming show for me, it’s great? bad day? stressed? anxious for no reason?? how it’s made time

only 1 day left until i can put my dragons jet and rayures into the nesting grounds again

hopin for 3 eggs so i can maybe give away 2 and sell or keep 1

sends hugs 8c also I’ll try to let you know if there’s ever that in something you may watch

[hugs] thank u ;v;

feathery-douche replied to your post: im watchin the first ep of house bc it…


[yelling] im gonna have to zoom thru it i cant deal w it

im watchin the first ep of house bc its on netflix & they have to do a surgical airway which is cool and all but nO ON ON on O NON ON ONO NON ON O

how it’s made doesnt appear to be on netflix anymore and i am Distraught